How to lose your ex with no return?

When your fiancee decides to end the relationship, it is very easy to panic and start doing very silly things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Fighting the first impulses isn’t easy. But if you let yourself make mistakes and act stupid, it can massively reduce your chance of getting him back. One of those mistakes is phone texting terror.

For many people maniacal texting is a natural reaction to the loss of a partner. We think this is the only way we can remind him of ourselves and get him back. Phone terrorism can be considered the constant calls, emails and, obviously, SMS text messages.

Attacks by phone and email not only breaks the rule of “no contact for a month after”, but also puts you in a very uncomfortable and humiliating position in the eyes of your ex. Frankly, you look hopelessly, pathetic and even unstable. It can turn into real terror.

A lot better way to sort out your relationship is to follow the one month rule. This way you will have enough time to calm down, think through your feelings and get back to reality. If you miss him and want him back, your boyfriend will feel the same way, but only if his feelings were true, and, you don’t bother him with your “innocent” texting.

If you finally managed the whole month, don’t make another mistake, don’t start communicating actively all of a sudden. Many people think that if you want to return your love, you have to be guided by your primary instincts. This case, however, is different. It takes both patience and subtitle strategy to re-build the relationship: start by talking a little and more carefully. Ask him how he is doing, what has he been up to, but don’t do that three times a day. Otherwise your fragile relationship might break sooner than you think.
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