10 stupid reasons to get married

Marriage of two loving and respecting people is a wonderful thing. But we all know, not all marriages are successful.

Even those who are getting married while being deeply in love cannot always maintain the existing relationship. How not to make a mistake while getting married? To find out if your reasons of marriage are good enough, you have to answer yourself a few questions. Do you really love the person, or is it just a sense of obligation or a desire to be fulfilled?

Here’s the list of the most stupid reasons why people can get married.

1. All of my friends are getting married!

It can be a little upsetting while all of your friends are having their weddings, expecting their children. You may feel forgotten, especially because married couples spend their free time with other couples. But this is definitely not enough of a reason to do it yourself.

2. I want a baby.

Wanting a baby is natural and this is why you should find a person who would like to create a family with you. But it is rather silly choosing such partner only because your bio clock is ticking. Your children deserve having parents who love and support each other.

3. I want to improve our relationships

If the relationship is not coming together, you can be sure the marriage is not going to save it. In fact, it’s the other way around. You will simply start going down the road of separation.

4. I want to plan my wedding

Women tend to dream about their wedding since childhood. Wearing the fanciest dress and being the princess of the day is fun, but beautiful wedding does not guarantee a successful marriage. What is the use of the wedding if the marriage is going to collapse anyway?

5. I want to move out of my parents’ home.

If you really want to move out, here is a better idea: get a good job, earn some good money so you can afford living alone and move out. If you cannot afford a place, rent a room.

6. I want to have sex

It is not common for most of people in today’s society, but there still are some cultural or religious groups, which demand to avoid sexual relationships until the partners are married. If that is your attitude, you’re good to go, but don’t let the hormones take over you. Sex is just a part of the marriage. The biggest part of the job of achieving a successful marriage is done with your clothes still on.

7. I don’t want to say “no”.

If your inner voice says “No”, don’t deny it. Do not ignore the doubts that surround you. If you are not sure about your feelings, or you know you will not be able to completely devote yourself to your partner, there is no reason to get married. It could be you will hurt your partner’s feelings if you reject him, but it would be far more cruel to go against your inner voice and eventually break up anyway.

8. I want to feel safe.

Marriage is not a ticket to the safety that lasts all your life. Don’t wait for someone to take care of you.

9. We’re together for a very long time now

If you are a couple for many years, marriage could seem as the next logical step. But do you really love this person or are you just really used to him/her? Getting married only so the people stop asking you when are you going to do it, is a bad idea.

10. I want to please my family

Your mother always asks you when will you get married and get her some grandchildren to enjoy. So what? You have to live your life. If you make the biggest mistake of your life and marry a monster, who will suffer? You or your cranky mother?

If you are thinking of getting married for any of these reasons, you will be better off simply waiting for a while. The postponing of the marriage does not mean the end of  your relationship.

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