Breaking up by phone?

Face-to-face, by phone call or even worse – by a text message. Yes, these are methods of breaking up we are talking about. Regardless whether it’s a well thought preference or an impulsive action, breaking up is something nobody can avoid.

We break up due to various reasons. More often than not it is basic miscommunication, the difference of opinions or unfaithfulness of one of the partners. Breaking up usually doesn’t happen suddenly, usually the dark cloud starts forming up a lot earlier before you say it out loud. When separation is happening within easier circumstances it is best to evaluate the situation and find out whether the relationship can really go no further and you really no longer have anything left for your (ex) lover.

In the process of breaking up you will definitely feel bad, and these miserable feelings will torture you even more if the relationship was healthy, fine and lasted for a long time. Usually the symptoms of feeling bad about it are poor sleep, loss of appetite and general apathy to the things around. All this can lead to depression, thus try to sort it out as soon as possible. Try to find out what you want to do next, get back together or get separated for good. Once you decide, start acting progressively.

The worst case scenario would be stopping seeing each other, yet still trying to sort out your relationship by phone calls or text messages. If you can’t see the other person’s eyes, you might misunderstand what is told and then the conflict will only get worse.

A particularly dangerous way of dealing with mischief’s are text messages, especially if the matter is as serious as divorce. Don’t try to send attracting, threatening, questioning, suspecting or blaming messages. The mobile phone will not solve your problems, even if you will text “Good night” every evening, this way hoping to get your lover back.

It is a lot smarter to go see each other and find out what each of you wants. If it comes out your partner wants not you, but freedom or another person, throw your phone away and try to move on and live your life from scratch. It is never easy and it is actually impossible just to forget the relationship you just had. But you must find new activities like seeing friends, visiting new places, perhaps meeting new people. All this will help clear your mind.

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