Sex with no love or love with no sex

Sex that does not involve love is basically the satisfaction of your animal instincts and it doesn’t last any longer. At one point both partners feel it’s shallow and empty and gives merely a short pleasure.

Sex with no love is immoral. When there is no feeling among partners, there is no respect for human body. It only leads to more immorality and absurd.

Think about prostitution, betrayal, raping, all those manifestations of world’s immorality and absurd and you will understand that sex with no feeling or spiritual bond can deeply effect human mind.

Many psychic diseases origin from illegal or immoral sex adventures that have quite tragic consequences.

Sex with no love is the beginning of manic depression and psychosis, because a human being feels just like an immoral animal and his mind cannot deal with such tragedy.

On the other hand, love with no sex cannot be considered a balanced relationship. It is not natural and means the love is not real.

Many women actually avoid sexual relationships with their partners, claiming they only want to be held in arms and feel loved, whilst having no need for sex.

If they don’t have this desire, it is only because they don’t love their partners. And that is somewhat dangerous, because one day they may feel attracted to someone else and tempt them to cheat on their husbands. Otherwise they would need to hide their desire of sex and thus make a lot of psychological problems, which seem impossible, but actually are just as dangerous as the absence of feelings.

Only when partners share both sexual and spiritual feelings, there can be a balanced and healthy relationship.

Without one or another, relationship can be problematic. They may not be visible at once, but one day they will come out, even after being hidden for many years.

Therefore you should be very careful with everything. Always remain morally correct, and when choosing your partner, humiliate neither your body, nor your heart.
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