Are you jealous ?

Love and jealousy - feelings which are always beside. Does jealousy trouble you to joy the life? You will find out by resloving this test. Try to answer quick without long thinking.
1. Your boy-friend calls other woman name while talking to you. How do you react?
I try to to find out who is she.
I am alarmed but don't say anything.
Don't pay any attention.
2. Don't you think he likes to amplify his fascination?
Yes, he should be more quiet.
Yes, but this is just a natural wish of everybody.
No, I even encourage him to do it.
3. What do you know about his private life before you met?
I know something but not all.
Not interesting.
It has nothing common with our relationships.
4. Don't you think your partner sometimes uses you?
Yes, exactly, I feel that.
I can't say our relationships are perfect.
No, not at all.
5. You found out he was cheating on you. How it is going to influence your relationships?
We are going to split immediately.
It is going to complicate our relationships a lot.
If this was just an accidental event I can pardon him.
6. Do you believe in platonic love?
Hardly to believe.
Yes, I think it is possible.
Of course I do.
7. How do you react when your partner suggest to watch porno movie before sex?
I give a plump refusal. It is sick to watch other people having sex.
It would be unpleasant to me.
We do like this all the time. Such movies heighten libido.
8. If your partner flirts with other woman...
It makes me jangle.
I feel ambiguous feelings - concern and pride.
It is unpleasant to me.
9. Would you like to truck your partner sometimes?
That would be very interesting for me.
If I would doubt about something I would ask him myself.
Never. I am not paranoic.
10. What do you feel when he goes partying without you?
I don't like it.
It depends what kind of people are in the party.
We both have equal rights.
11. Don't you think his feelings are cooled off?
Unfortunatelly, yes.
We don't have such big passion as we did but our feelings are strong.
No, not at all.
12. Some nations punish to death for misconduct.
Cruel but right.
Punishment is needed but not in such way.
It is barbaric.

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