When should you make a compliment?
Most of guys out there have problems knowing when it is appropriate to say the first compliment to a woman. If you do that too soon, you might look too needy.
Don’t stalk those hunky guys
A smart dating strategy.
He loves me, he loves me not!
When a couple is about to start getting serious, in the early stages of the relationship it is common each of them thinks one and the same phrase: “Does he/she love me?”
How do men find women?
Funny thing is, people often do act like animals...
Looking for a new relationship?
Think of your search of love as a search for a real job. And you know it’s not enough just go through the ads when you look for one. A lot of input is needed in order to find a real good opportunity.
Flirting tips for the shy girls
If you aren’t sure whether you are shy or not, rate yourself by taking a simple test.
Can I trust you?
The trust must be taken care of very seriously. When it starts vanishing, you can expect dramatic or even traumatic consequences.
Meeting your boyfriend’s parents - 10 tips
You probably know some horror stories about first acquaintance with boyfriend’s parents but this time, please imagine, you do not know anything at all. You would like to receive a positive response from your boyfriend’s parents and some little enchantment about you. Here are some tips which will help you in this case...
Translation of men promises
Every woman must know what to expect from the relationship with men. According to women, on the first dates men are very ...
Divorce and comeback
Sometimes men fell in love with other women and leave their wives...
Nine secrets which bother men
Everybody knows that sometimes men don’t understand women.
Mankind behaviour
Some explanation about men behaviour.
7 rules on how to return the fire of love
How to keep fire in your relationships.
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