When should you make a compliment?

Most of guys out there have problems knowing when it is appropriate to say the first compliment to a woman. If you do that too soon, you might look too needy.

However, if you hesitate and don’t say any at all, you may become her friend. As we know, once you’re in the haunted “friends zone”, there is rarely a way back! And your hopes to get her as a girl are pretty much gone.

Compliments are essential elements of seduction. They are very useful because they can turn girl’s behaviour into the favour of the guy. But if you keep spilling the compliments just because she is pretty and use old lame lines just to get her to like you, you might overdo it a little.

At some points girls would not accept any compliments whatsoever. For example, have you ever complimented her hair and got a “I just washed and dried it, what’s the big deal?” back?

She simply ignores the hair compliment, because she feels the reason it was made is only because the guy wants her in his bed in a few hours.

OK, so if we faced the negative response, let’s see if there is a decent way out.

First of all, always be cheerful when talking to girls. You will never lose!

When a girl lets you understand that the hair talk is over, turn to her, smile and say: “Yeah, your hair naturally looks as if you’re about to take part in the Vogue cover photoshoot”.

Despite it will go down as a joke, she will still understand you’re the guy who will not let her reject the compliments. Besides, such compliment can be told any time again.

There is an even better way. “Your hair is gorgeous. Oh by the way, have you watched CSI last night? That episode was truly the season highlight!”. This way you don’t even let the girl to interrupt you. She will notice you are controlling the conversation and will respect you for that.

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