Don’t stalk those hunky guys

Women often act in a way that many of her actions should at least be illegal by law. One of these things is desperate pursuing of men.

Never ever do that. Not in any conditions or occasions, never.

If a man shows you attention, remain calm and let him come to you. He should be burning in passion and excitement, a man has to work to get to you, do not take this pleasure away from him.

Besides, a man has to be the first one to tell you how much he desires you, how much he wants to know you better, what particularly he likes in you. Only then you can confess about your feelings.

Men like hunting women. They are not made to be hunted, so don’t make this process upside down.

Of course, the hardest task for a woman is to see a man she wants and yet don’t touch him and leave him alone. It’s obvious you will be going out of your mind. But you must, you just have to be strong, even you’re completely crazy about him.

However, do not think you really love a man you just saw a few times. Feelings can ignite only after having talked, even a little. So don’t rush jumping on him, you’re most likely not yet truly in love.

Attract a man by pushing him away a little and them getting him close again. Reject him gently when he shows you attention, and then give him a wink yourself, to encourage him to take actions again.

And this is not a game. This is called a smart dating strategy.

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