How do men find women?

Most of books covering the relationships of different sex among animals and people notice certain trends.

Funny thing is, people often do act like animals. These are a few examples of how male animals find their females.

Showing up with other males at an area where females come to choose their male.

Marking of a big area where other males are not allowed. This way it is shown the male can take care of the female, because he controls a big area.

Visiting places where females gather and self demonstration in front of them.

Choosing easily noticeable place, hoping that a bypassing female will notice and be interested.

And this is how men act:

Spending time at a sports club or a beach, where women can check them out.

Purchase of a big house and inviting women over, in order to demonstrate the success and wealth and thus prove his ability of taking care of his woman.

Taking yoga classes, which are dominated by women.

Becoming famous or popular and therefore noticeable by many women.

So no news there, basically if you want to meet women you have to:

1. Decide what kind woman you want.
2. Find out what attracts this kind of women and become this way
3. Go places where it’s likely to meet such females (or make up a situation where they will approach you themselves).
4. Approach them directly and try to raise interest.

So it’s the same game. Most of men who have poor success with women simply don’t want to do the things that are necessary. One can tell all the secrets of attracting women, which enable you to choose from many. The question is, though, are you ready to do what it takes?
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