Looking for a new relationship?

Think of your search of love as a search for a real job. And you know it’s not enough just go through the ads when you look for one.

A lot of input is needed in order to find a real good opportunity.

Rule No. 1. Appear in public. If you look for a partner in a bar, there is a distinct possibility you will end up finding an alcoholic. So you will have to be more creative than that. Attend sports, cultural, charity and religious events. Visit cafes and restaurants. Get a book, sit in a well lit spot, smile and greet everyone.

Rule No. 2. Imagine your future partner to the very details. Think about the clothes, places he would like to visit, hobbies. You ought to be able even drawing the one you’re looking for. Later, obviously, you will have to be reasonable, but for now, picture a person you would be perfectly happy with.

Rule No. 3. It is highly unlikely that 99 out of 100 times seeing the opposite sex will break your heart. Fact is, if you can’t handle the pain of rejection, you cannot fully look for your partner. Every relationship that ends against our will brings at least a week of tears and about 3 months of misery. But you should know that the practical men hurt less than romantic women.

Rule No. 4. Raise the bar, don’t lower it. No matter how many times your relationships have broken, do not ever lower your demands or expectations. It will only break your heart sooner than the one who seems “out of your league”.

Rule No. 5. Consider every contact with a person as a success, no matter how short it is. Maintaining excellent relationship is the hardest job in the world, therefore don’t ever stop learning.
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